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We understand your #1 goal: direct mail marketing campaigns that work. As your Boston-area mail experts, let us make it easy for you. Whether you're sending direct mail marketing postcards in MA or letters across the U.S, we'll make sure you meet postal requirements, get the lowest postage rates, use accurate lists and bar codes, and mail a great finished product that drives response.

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Henry Baker

Baker Studios is a small photography studio who's primary business is yearbook photography for graduating high school seniors. A key to our success in marketing and getting customers is our targeted mailing campaign which we coordinate with Murdock Mailing Company. Murdock Mailing handles all of my mailing needs, which are extensive and they are responsible for getting my message out to prospective clients.

Mudock Mailing is key to my marketing effort and is responsible for the success I enjoy in this area of my business.

Sir Speedy

Sir Speedy on Milk St. in Boston MA was facing the challenge of offering mailing services to their customers as an added service to their business. 
They turned to Murdock Mailing Company to work with a mail house they could trust to be reliable and offer the same high standards of quality that Sir Speedy customers expect.
RESULTS: “Not only has our customers retention rate increased, but new customers like the fact that we offer one-stop shopping”

Mike Scanlan

Mike Scanlan of Boston Firefighters became overwhelmed as their membership list grew, and needed to find a someone to update the list and generate reports on a moment’s notice. He said,
“One of the best decisions we ever made was to have Murdock’s List Maintenance Services handle our membership list. We know it’s safe and secure.”
RESULTS: “Membership lists are completely coded, updated and ready at a moment’s notice to be used for labels, reports or a rush mailing”

Christine Lebois

Christine Lebois of World Pater was searching for a company that could fulfill catalogs in their warehouse. She said,
“After using Murdock Mailing Company for a newsletter and to mail out our monthly periodicals, I decided to have their fulfillment department handle the order requests for our wireless internet catalog”
RESULTS: “Our catalog orders are processed in the most timely and cost effective manner.”

Sending direct mail marketing postcards in MA… packages to PA … catalogs in the USA? Discover the joy of accurate, budget-friendly mailings.                             

Tired of juggling multiple vendors for printing, stuffing, list prep, mailing and fulfillment? We can do it all, including mail merge printing.  

Concerned about too many  “undeliverable” pieces? Let us acquire and maintain your lists for accurate, delivered mail every time.